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    Brandon Music Limited is a small specialist music publishing company dedicated chiefly to classical and contemporary music* and jazz, and works closely with the Divine Art Record Company.

Buy our sheet music and scores in printed form or as a PDF file.

If you are a musician who has composed original music in any non-"pop" genre, created arrangements or transcriptions of existing works, or produced a performing edition of public domain scores, please get in touch with Stephen Sutton in the first instance and we will send you a submission form..

Please note we are not interested in "vanity publishing". Submissions may be new pieces by established or professional composers, or must have been performed or recorded, and a copy of any published review will be very helpful.

* "classical and contemporary" denotes a work which would. if recorded, be included in the ROVI (formerly REDMuze) Classical catalogue and includes all periods of music and all styles and genres excluding pop, rock, folk, rap, dance, hiphop, R&B and "mood/easy listening/MOR" styles and all other "popular" genres. Composers or songwriters of popular material may however contact us for referral to a specialist pop publisher.

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Brandon Music Ltd is registered in England under company number 4191549. Registered Office: 171 Southgate Road, London N1 3LE, UK
US branch: 333 Jones Dtive, Brandon, VT 05733